School Site Security

The school is locked at all times throughout the day. In the mornings the site is fully accessible and parents/carers can drop off their child in the school playground. A member of staff will be on duty in the playground until the second bell rings at 8.55.  All boundary gates are locked at 8.55. Should any visitor or parent/carer wish to have entry during the day they can only enter through the electrically controlled security gate.

The school site is covered by CCTV and this allows us to carefully monitor all site movements.

Our site is shared with St. Peter ’s Nursery and we work in partnership to ensure that Nursery parents/carers are escorted to and from their room. 

At the end of the day the children are met in the playground by their parents/carers, if they are not allowed to walk home independently.

Children in KS1 are dismissed from their classroom at 3.15pm.  Children in KS2 are dismissed from their classrooms at 3.20. This allows parents/carers time to move between the two areas easily.

Any child not collected by a parent/carer will be taken to the school office to wait safely.