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'Encourage each other and build each other up' 1 Thessalonians 5: 11

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Our Maths subject leader is Mr Eynon.


Learning in maths at St Peter’s follows the expert developed White Rose scheme of learning. The progressive and engaging scheme is adapted by class teachers to suit the needs of the learners in their class.  

At St Peter's, all of our children are given the opportunity to develop their mathematical skills and knowledge through a rich, engaging curriculum which enables all children to leave primary school with the key numeracy skills needed to be successful and flourish in the next stage of their education. Our ‘mastery for all’ approach to mathematics seeks to ensure that all children can access and understand the content taught.  

  • Teacher’s use a range of manipulatives and follow the CPA approach to allow our children to develop a deep level of mathematical understanding.  
  • Our St Peter’s 7 steps to mastery ensures that all learners are challenged to achieve their full potential.  
  • From our Reception Baseline Assessment (RBA) data we know that an on-entry weakness for our cohort of children is their understanding of number.  Building number sense in our EYFS learners is an important focus for us  
  • Our program of KIRFs (Key Instant recall facts) from Year 1 - 6, which was introduced in Autumn 2022 to address a drop in children’s arithmetic and fluency skills. KIRFs develop greater automaticity. Research from cognitive science shows that when these key mathematical facts can be recalled easily, this ‘frees up’ working memory. 
  • Times tables Rockstars motivates children to learn and practice their times tables both at school and to continue learning at home 
  • We supplement and bolster our curriculum through the use of engaging resources from maths experts Third Space Learning and the NCETM (e.g. Fluent In Five and Rapid Reasoning and problem of the day)  
  • In order for our children to ASPIRE in maths, we promote the power and potential that maths has in the wider world, through exciting employment opportunities and engaging visitors and taking part in national events, such as Maths Week England 
  • We engage with expert consultants who have helped us to design and deliver the best possible bespoke maths curriculum for our cohort of learners  
  • Carefully planned and targeted interventions take place throughout the schools to ensure that children have the mathematical knowledge and skills to be able to progress  
  • Our knowledge mats help parents to support their children’s maths development at home  
  • Regular parent workshops also support our parents and carers to be able to develop their children’s maths at home   

Below you will find knowledge mats for each year group. They contain the key knowledge that we want children to know by the end of each year group. These will help you to support your child's maths learning at home: 

 FS Maths Knowledge Mat.pptxDownload
 Y1 Maths Knowledge Mat.pptxDownload
 Y2 Maths Knowledge Mat.pptxDownload
 Y3 Maths Knowledge Mat.pptxDownload
 Y4 Maths Knowledge Mat.pptxDownload
 Y5 Maths Knowledge Mat.pptxDownload
 Y6 Maths Knowledge Mat.pptxDownload
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Promoting effective mathemtical talk is an important part of our progressional mathematics curriculum: