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'Encourage each other and build each other up' 1 Thessalonians 5: 11

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Performing Arts Festival 2023

Each year, in July, we hold a Performing Arts Festival. Each class immerse themselves into the culture of a chosen country. The children spend a week learning about the country and culture whist consolidating year group skills in geography, science, art and design and vital English and maths skills. The children then learn a song, poem and dance linked to their country and perform this on our performing arts day. 

Learning from the week is proudly displayed in our Cultural Corridor - look at our pictures below! 


Our Cultural Corridor

Reception: Australia 

Year 2: Mexico

Year 4: India

Year 6: U.S.A 

Year 1: France

Year 3: Trinidad and Tobago

Year 5: Denmark

Parental feedback:


'This was a really lovely event celebrating culture and countries from around the world!'


'What a pleasure to watch - the children were bursting with confidence and excitement!'


'My daughter loved the learning and it has inspired her to learn more about the country that she was learning about.'


'This is a great way for children to grow in confidence and for those that are not as academic as others - everyone had a chance to shine!'


'We cannot wait for next year.'