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'Encourage each other and build each other up' 1 Thessalonians 5: 11

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Our English subject leader is Mrs Seaman. 


At St Peter’s C of E, we intend to create confident ‘real’ writers who develop enjoyment and stamina for writing throughout school. We aim for all of our children to be independent writers, building on a range of skills as they work through each journey of writing. Throughout this journey, we ensure the children of St Peter’s are immersed in a range of genres and text types and have a clear understanding of purpose and audience. Our learners will have a secure understanding of the purpose of a text type, the purpose and intended impact of writing skills/tools and the ability to carefully select vocabulary with careful attention to the desired effect on the readers’ thoughts and feelings. Our learners are challenged and encouraged to take risks and view mistakes as another part of the learning process. Our learners will always set high expectations for themselves where they take pride in all aspects of learning and in everything they produce.

Our writing curriculum has been created and implemented alongside English Consultant Jonathon Bond. 

Children in Reception and Year 1 learn to write connected sentences though writing workshops. Once children have built some writing stamina, they are ready to begin the St Peter's writing process (around spring term). From here, each year group studies a fiction, non-fiction and poetry unit every half term. The roadmaps below show the journey of these strands of writing. Progression documents also ensure that their is progression between each similar text types (e.g. non-chronological reports). 

For a more detailed summary of the St Peter's writing process please click on the following link:


The St Peters Writing Sequence/ Process