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'Encourage each other and build each other up' 1 Thessalonians 5: 11

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Pupil Inspectors

We receive an annual pupil inspection by our pupils - the 'Best Practice Seekers'. A group of children have been trained in inspecting different areas of the school. On a dedicated morning the children go around the school freely in pairs and look at the environment, talk to pupils and other adults. Areas explored are:

  • Sharing our Views and Ideas
  • Friendships and Relationships
  • We belong and are Valued
  • The School Environment
  • Our Help and Support
  • Learning
  • Mental Health and Wellbeing
  • Best Bits about St Peter's

The Best Practice Seekers then feedback to the Senior Leadership Team and objectives are agreed together. These feed directly into School Improvement Planning for the next academic year. 

Findings from July 2023 are below.

Strengths identified: 

  • ‘Teachers try to pick everyone ‘
  • ‘We have talk partners’
  • ‘We get given thinking time’
  • ‘My teacher cares about everyone’
  • ‘Everyone is important ‘
  • ‘We get asked what are worries are’
  • ‘We have a lovely field and play equipment’
  • ‘We have an outdoor gym’
  • ‘People will sit with you if you are sad’
  • ‘We learn about bullying in assemblies and in class’
  • ‘We learn anti-bullying all the time’
  • ‘I know to tell a teacher or the Head Teacher’
  • ‘Teachers are really caring and helpful’
  • ‘We have workshops on ADHD and Autism’
  • ‘Everyone can take part in lessons and activities’
  • ‘Yes, Mr Hancock talks about celebrating our differences in assembly’
  • ‘We learnt about Black History Month’
  • ‘Adults are kind and caring’
  • ‘When they (adults) say a word, they explain the meaning’
  • ‘Some people have different needs than others- they have lots of help’
  • ‘We learn to be kind to others’
  • ‘I enjoy being here’

Targets for 2023-24:

  • To ensure there are more structured opportunities at lunch time - some find this time of the day difficult to manage


  • To create a quiet area for all who wish to access it – the hall can be noisy for some at lunchtime


  • To introduce a buddy system for those children joining the school or who need /would like one in school